Last night my guest dog met a little raccoon.  Both are fine but wow, did he smell like dead fish after his encounter.  I was able to Facebook Featherer Pet and within minutes, I had an appointment for a nice bath for him.  He arrived today and was treated like a rock star.  When he was finished, he was returned smelling  great and sported  a nice new cool Giant orange bandanna.  They are caring, responsive and love what they do.  I highly recommend this company for your pets.  Candice Estey S., Benicia, CA
Our family LOVES this place! The owner is super sweet! Prices are very reasonable and they always have new services and items! JUST TODAY, I brought in Nala & Mikey for their routine grooming but THIS TIME I got both their ears and tails semi-perm colored! Super cute! Their photos are here on yelp! I recommend this place to all our family & friends. We love Shayanne (hope I spelled her name right). She an artist:) this place has GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE and A COMMUNITY GEM!!! We want to say thank you to the owner for being so wonderful!!
Kathleen U., Vallejo, CA

  • Picked up Nala!!! She's adorable as usual after her fix wit…

Love this place, they are so nice and groomed my dog after she had been skunked. Super thankful for them and the staff there!
Mindy S., Crockett, CA
I'm like everyone else.. A biased pet owner.  I'm pretty sure I have the cutest boston terrier ever created. He's very low maintenance and I do most of his bathing and upkeep. I do like to bring him in here when ever we think about it to get an ultra-scrub down. I usually call the day of and ask them to call me if there are any cancellations-- I most always get a same day call. The groomers are always friendly, I'm happy with the price, but the best part is that Grumpy comes out clean and smiling! 

Thank you for your service!  Kim S., Benicia, CA

I usually go to Petco for grooming services for my cockerspaniel, Jaeger.   I went through Petco just because I wanted a commercial, chain groomer.  The services there were fine but I wanted a groomer a little bit closer to home (I live in Vallejo but closer to Benicia) and maybe a bit cheaper.  I wasn't too thrilled that they don't offer a la cart services like just nail trimmings.  So every time I had to get a full groom or bath/brush just to get the nails trimmed.  And sometimes the wait time was 3-5 hours at Petco.

So, I shopped around and decided to give Featherer Pet a try since they were just 3 exits off the freeway from me.  

Let me tell you....I couldn't be happier!!!!  The staff was super friendly!!!  The price was $25 cheaper than Petco.  And the wait was less than 2 hours (2-3 hours less time than Petco)!!!!!!  My groomer was Tricia and I was pleasantly surprised that her own dog, Abbey, was along side with her, keeping my Jaeger company while he got groomed.  

I will definitely keep coming back for for grooming services.  Jacqueline C., Vallejo, CA